TGI Executive Education is an immersive learning experience—one that empowers senior executives to reflect, recharges, and reemerges as visionary leaders. Our programs offer the rare opportunity to step back from your daily responsibilities, reevaluate your career goals, and reset your direction. You’ll return to your company with fresh insights on your professional and personal strengths, strategies for taking your leadership skills to the next level, and a global network of peers whose challenges mirror your own

We providing participants with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the skills needed for effective Management in the ever-changing and complex organization. Our training programme provide a foundation from where delegates can discover and develop their individual and organizational skills.

The organization runs it Executive Management Development Programmes in a variety of carefully packaged and structured format that will systematically and comprehensively meet the desired need of the participants. There are group and one-on-one courses (mentoring) specifically designed and developed for General Management and Strategic Studies.
Through case studies and practical exercises, participants will gain the skill needed for effective Leadership. These programmes are available in United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Norway, Spain  Switzerland and in some African countries.

We provide Open Courses and Mentoring/Tailor-made and One-to-One Specialize Executive Programmes. The annual training calendars are released in October.

We also provide In-service Training and Development programme to provide long-term on-the-job and or off-the-job training for Executives.

The TGI, on request by organisations, carries out Specialized, Sensitive & Technical services that require compulsory training of large number of on-the Field-executive, organises training of the first line personnel who will in turn go out to impact the training on the other field personnel. This arrangement is to save such organization from the problem of having to assemble large participants that may not ensure effective and efficient training.


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